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Hi, I'm Canberra-based physical educator John Miller.


I conduct health, fitness and wellbeing seminar programs for corporate organisations and individuals - designed to inspire and motivate people to keep themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability.


I write articles and books on a range of health topics and also a series of inner mental training MP3 audio files - which are distributed via the internet.


We're living in strange times.


1. We're living in an age of personally generated metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological dysfunction; that's the bad news.


The good news is that if these  dysfunctions are personally generated then there's a fair likelihood they can be personally 'ungenerated'.


2. We're living in the age of motion starvation. We're not getting enough exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Along with diet, physical fitness is the foundation of good health. In the sit down society is well nigh impossible to stay healthy without a good fitness program.


I read somewhere that oxygen can be regarded as a form of food. It's an essential nutrient required by every cell in the body if it is to function at an optimal level. It's vigorous aerobic fitness activity that 'turbocharges' your intake of oxygen.


3. We're living in the junk food era where refined, manufactured food has become the standard fare for many people. It's cheap and tasty. What it doesn't do is nourish the cells of your body.


4. We're living in the age of junk medicine, where drugs are used to mask the symptoms of the personally-generated body system dysfunctions with no intention of restoring poor function to good. The health of the drug consumer gets worse. Sooner or later a small problem becomes a big problem.


YouTube and Google are increasingly becoming the places to look for information about what people themselves did to improve their health fitness and wellbeing.


The people are voting with every click.


Keeping yourself fit and healthy


There are a few things you need to be aware of if you're going to keep yourself fit and healthy.


First, it's a big ask expecting to be healthy without keeping yourself fit.


Second it's also a big ask expecting to stay healthy if the food you eat isn't nourishing the cells of your body.


Third, it's a big ask expecting to get better by having someone do something to you; sooner or later you have to do something to yourself.


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Miller Health conducts occupational health, fitness and wellbeing programs for corporate organisations.


Our aim is to:



assist organisations to reduce and better manage the risk of

• absenteeism

• presenteeism

• workers' compensation

• staff turnover




inspire and motivate staff to keep themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability.


We do this by conducting seminars and assessments from which we prepare health climate surveys and health audit reports.



Fit and Healthy Online is the international website for health, fitness and wellbeing information, ebooks and audio files. Click on the logo above to view all my ebook and audio file programs.


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The Complete Fitness Workout is designed to provide people with the information they need to embark on an all-round fitness program, one that will have a positive impact on their metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological health.


The Complete Fitness Workout will help you improve the three main factors of fitness

  • fitness

  • strength

  • flexibility.

Itís simple, it's easy to understand and implement. This is program Iíve been using myself for the last 20 years.


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One of the most powerful strategies for maintaining a lasting fitness program is to have a committed training partner. They're committed to you achieving your health, fitness and wellbeing goals and you're committed to them achieving theirs.


Without a training partner you have to be very disciplined. Like a lot of people, I need to share the discipline with someone else.


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The Hourglass Diet is a revolutionary new way of eating wisely in a junk food world.


In the Hourglass Diet ebook I make the distinction between good food and junk food, and how to eat in a way that nourishes the cells of your body and helps you to maintain your ideal weight.


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A body that's out of alignment, will inevitably succumb to musculo-skeletal dysfunction. The symptom? Pain.


For most people the dysfunction is personally-generated. That's the bad news. The good news is that it can be 'personally ungenerated.'


If weak and tight muscles have  caused the pelvis and the bones above it to move out of alignment, then a good strength and flexibility training program will get them back into alignment.


At Global Back Care I'll teach you the exercises you need to do to get your body back in alignment. Then the pain will go away.


I also offer a Back Pain Diagnosis service to help you identify the cause of your back pain and provide you with a customized a set of exercises that will help you relieve your back and other musculo-skeletal pain.


Our corporate musculo-skeletal health program is designed to help organisations halve the cost of their workers compensation premiums.


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Fitness, the front line of primary health care.


Propelling itself into the front line of primary health care for the personally-generated metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological dysfunctions is the next step forward for the fitness industry. It's a small step for the fitness industry and a giant leap for community health.


In the junk medical age, where



drugs are prescribed to mask the symptoms of personally-generated body system dysfunctions




a high density aerobic fitness program is rarely prescribed for people with metabolic dysfunction or depressed mood




bodies with weak and tight muscles are rubbed, crunched, heated and vibrated using passive therapies rather than being loosened and strengthened by people themselves


… the fitness industry stands poised to grab market share from a diverse range of medical, allied medical and therapeutic industries.


In fact if everyone kept themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability, doctors, chemists, physiotherapists and chiropractors would be sitting around twiddling their thumbs.


The extent to which governments have (over the last 30 years) protected the junk medical and pharmaceutical industries from fitness industry competition has proven to be one of the greatest health blunders of all times.


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Pro-active Rehab is a systematic, intensive, strength and flexibility exercise program designed to dramatically speed up the recovery of people suffering from personally-generated musculo-skeletal dysfunctions.



A high proportion of people with back and other musculo-skeletal pain have a fitness problem. Weak and tight muscles have allowed the bones of first the pelvis and then the vertebrae it to move out of alignment. That's the bad news.


The good news is that there is a good chance the damage can be undone, with poor function being restored to good and pain relived by both a targeted and a general, strength and flexibility conditioning program.


Fitness generated problems need fitness solutions and the only people who can administer the fitness prescription is the individual in pain.


This is a program for individuals and employees.


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Having said that, the 20m run is a reliable, valid and discriminating test of aerobic fitness for children, 'regular folks', elite force personnel and athletes. The big advantage is it's quick and easy to administer and you don't need to lug around a CD or tape player with the beeps on it.


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If you're not in great shape aerobically, you're probably not all that healthy either. It's as simple as that. In fact your level of aerobic fitness is probably the most important general measure of how healthy you are - it’s the foundation of metabolic health.

Strange isn’t it then that the medical industry doesn't know how to prescribe exercise in the correct dosage and in a way that helps their customers restore poor metabolic function to good by stimulating the body’s own recuperative powers.

Well here’s the good news. You don’t need a doctor to advise you on your aerobic fitness training program. You can advise yourself.

The Aerabyte Aerobic Fitness Prescription will enable you to keep a strict account of your aerobic training sessions in a way that involves frequency, duration and intensity.

An exercise program like 10,000 steps is a good program, but you could keep ambling around until the cows come home without getting yourself into exceptionally good metabolic shape.

Much better to do your steps briskly or better still as a shuffle, jog or run and get your heart rate up. That way you’ll reap the full extent of the metabolic benefits.

Of course you can use the aerabyte system while swimming, cycling or while you’re on the stepper or cross trainer, doing a pump or aerobic class, in fact any aerobic activity as long as you know what your
heart rate is.

All you need is a heart rate monitor and a watch.

Most of the aerobic machines in gyms these days have a heart rate monitor receiver built into them. If you’re wearing the heart rate monitor strap you’ll automatically be transmitting your heart rate to the console in front of you.


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The Platinum Fitness Challenge the universal test of fitness that includes tests of strength and aerobic fitness, suitable for use by 'regular folks', sports teams and school children. It's an essential diagnostic assessment tool for determining health status.


The strength tests are based on three of the most universal strength training exercises - squats, situps and pressups. These are tests that can be trained for at home.


The Aerobic fitness test is the 20m run, John Miller's adaptation of the 'beep test'.


The Platinum Challenge Fitness test is easy to administer. The strength tests are the same tests as you'd use to improve your strength at home. The aerobic fitness test requires participants to see how many laps of a 20m course they can complete in five minutes.


The Platinum Fitness Challenge comes with a unique award scheme that fosters over-all fitness.


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Reducing your body weight by 1% per week is achievable. OK, it's a stretch, but not beyond reach.


Using the 1 percent Weight Loss spreadsheet you'll be able to set yourself a 12 week target and keep track on the progress. I recommend you weigh in on the same  designated morning each week after you've had your shower and before you've had anything to eat or drink.


The program includes tips for weight loss, including exercise, diet and inner mental training.


Is this a tried and tested program? Yep. I've done it myself.


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For anyone who's ever been on a cruise, the personally-generated body system dysfunctions stick out like the proverbial. A significant proportion of people are in just plain bad shape. Scratch the surface and you’ll find:


-    hypertension

-    elevated risk of heart disease

-    adult onset diabetes

-    insomnia

-    digestive complaints

-    back and other musculo-skeletal pain


... and the rest of the many symptoms of a body that's in poor metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological shape.


The logic of this presentation is that if current treatment regimes aren’t making them better, then maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance that if


•    a different message were to be presented


•    at the right time and


•    in the right way,


… these people could be encouraged to change their therapeutic direction.


The aim then is for cruise lines to adopt a Fit and Healthy Onboard program and attract these people to suite of health, fitness and wellbeing  programs that will


-    have them feeling (even marginally) better by the time they leave the ship


-    give them the kick start they need to start doing to get themselves off the ill-health treadmill        


-    give them the skills and information they need to get themselves back close to the peak-performance state.


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How would you like to prompted every day to get off the treadmill for a few minutes, stop hitting your head against a brick wall, take a couple of deep breaths and relax for a few minutes.


You'll receive an email and a link to something that diverts your attention from your work, at the same time improving either your metabolic, musculo-skeletal or psychological health.


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There is no medical cure for this disease


Scheissenhausen's Syndrome was first described by German metabolic physician, Gustav Adolph Scheissenhausen (8th June 1864 – 9th September 1945) in 1915. It was officially elevated to a 'disease' in 2014.

Although Scheissenhausen’s Disease develops differently for every individual, there are many common symptoms. You’re tired all the time. You’re over weight, in fact your trousers are so tight they’re ring-barking you. You get a thumping headache after lunch that goes away after a double shot coffee. You’ve got a crook guts, insomnia, brain fog, reflux, constipation, piles, sore muscles, joint pain and the deadly metabolic trio, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and high blood sugar.


Scheissenhausen's Disease is not caused by a lack of Avapro, Stilnox, Panadol, Gliclazide, Prilosec, Mylantin, Celebrex, Lipitor, lap banding or Anusol.


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Health Blogarithm


John Miller's blog on topical health, fitness and wellbeing events and issues.


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